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For those looking for a Revocable Trust solution with professional results, Murphy Law is a must!

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Your Trust Lawyer with Arkansas Roots

Choosing a good trust lawyer is important because trusts can be complex legal documents with significant implications for your future and that of your heirs. A good trust attorney can help you create a trust that meets your specific needs and goals, as well as provide ongoing advice and guidance as circumstances change over time. They can also help ensure that your trust is legally valid and enforceable, which can prevent disputes or legal challenges down the road.

If you are deciding between a will or a trust, please visit our estate planning page for detailed comparisons.

Avoid Probate with a Revocable Trust

One way to avoid probate in Arkansas is by transferring your assets to a revocable living trust.
Trusts Setup
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Probate Cost
$ 1000

Happy Feedback

Alvin Buie
Alvin Buie
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A game-changing experience that allowed me to address my family’s unique needs using an intuitive, easy-to-understand process.
Heather Martin
Heather Martin
Account Executive
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Murphy Law’s process and flat fees are both convenient and affordable. Connecting and visiting with an attorney about my estate planning needs could not have been easier. Highly recommend!
Linda B.
Linda B.
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Murphy Law was an absolute blessing. Not only did I feel extremely comfortable during my time with Patrick but also was very confident with the outcome we reached.
Revocable trusts, made easy.
Murphy Law makes creating a revocable trust simple and affordable. Give yourself confidence in knowing you have planned for your family’s future and provided for your loved ones.

Need a Different Estate Planning Solution?

If you are deciding between a will or a trust, SimpleWill is the perfect solution for those who are seeking a more cost-effective option. With our user-friendly platform, you can easily draft a last will and testament to be finalized by an attorney without the need for expensive legal services.

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